" I found out the day before the table read. [Showrunner] Marlene [King] gave me a call, and I was very nervous. I was like, “Okay, I know what this means. She’s calling me, the creator of the show, I’m totally dead.” She was like, “Hi Janel, it’s Marlene,” and I was like, “Oh, am I in trouble?” And she was like, “No, you’re not in trouble. I just want to let you know you’re going to be getting the script tomorrow. You are being killed, but you’re not being killed off the show. You still have a job, don’t worry. You’re going to be in flashbacks now.” And I was like, “Okay, that’s fine.” She was like, “It’s just basically what Sasha [Pieterse] did for the first three years; Alison was the flashback girl, and now that will be you.” And I’m like, “Fine. I’m totally OK to fill those shoes as long as I still have a job.” "